Various Artists

I Never Meta Guitar

With I Never Meta Guitar , there are plenty of sounds to discover, from old and new favorite guitarists.

Clean Feed Records CFG005

  1. In Two Parts Missing (Mary Halvorson)
  2. Act As If Nothing Ever Happened (Jeff Parker)
  3. BLAME IT ON THE TONKORI (Henry Kaiser)
  4. Migrant Song (Jean-François Pauvros)
  5. Heater (Janet Feder)
  6. I Told You So (Raoul Björkenheim)
  7. Joanna (Noel Akchote)
  8. Study for Hairpin and Hatbox (Nels Cline)
  9. Until Iago Whispered (Brandon Ross)
  10. Storyteller (Mike Cooper)
  11. Blue Blue (Michael Gregory)
  12. Buzkashi (Scott Fields)
  13. Little Creatures (Kazuhisa Uchihashi)
  14. Coiled Malescense (Mick Barr)
  15. The Day Rauschenberg Met de Kooning (Gunnar Geisse)
  16. Telemetry (Elliott Sharp)

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