Immediate Music Festival

29 Apr 2016  //  Denver, Colorado, USA  //  Kenneth King Academic and Performing Arts Center Auraria Campus, 855 Lawrence Way FREE!

The Immediate Music Festival is celebration of collaborative improvisation. Students and the community are invited to attend workshops and demonstrations of Soundpainting, Conduction, Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening, Group Improvising, and to enjoy wonderful improvisatory performances and interactive presentations. All presentations and workshops will be made by extremely experienced, thoughtful, and gentle artist/clinicians including Jane Rigler and Janet Feder from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Master Improviser and Soundpainting expert Evan Mazunik, French Horn Professor/Improviser/Educator Jeffrey Agrell from The Universty of Iowa, and Conduction maestro and master improviser J.A Deane. The days events will be followed by an evening concert featuring the group Sone (Jane Rigler, Janet Feder, Evan Mazunik, Mark Harris) improvising and accompanying short silent films, and the Flux Conduction Ensemble led by J.A. Deane, collaboratively improvising using the gestures of Conduction. This event, including all workshops, presentations, and the evening concert, is free and open to the public. Registration is highly encouraged (see below) and lunch will be provided to registered participants.

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Teaching Creative Jazz and Improvising Guitar Symposium

11 Aug 2016  //  Guelph, Ontario, Canada  //  Silence 46 Essex Street $15/$10 per night or passes for $45/$25

Thursday August 11: Solo Ken Aldcroft; Janet Feder Solo: Sam Shalabi and Jared Burrows w/Kathryn Ladano (bass clarinet) and Ben Grossman (hurdy curdy). Friday August 12: Sam Shalabi Solo and Ava Mendoza Solo; Ken Aldcroft and Janet Feder w/ Kathryn Ladano (bass clarinet) and Ben Grossman (hurdy curdy). Saturday August 13: Aldcroft/Burrows/Feder/Mendoza/Shalabi: in duos, trios, large ensemble w/Joe Sorbara (drums/percussion), Jonathan Adjemian (analog synth), Emily Denison (trumpet). Sunday August 14: Aldcroft/Burrows/Feder/Mendoza/Shalabi: in duos, trio, large ensemble w/William Davison (sound making devices), Michael Lynn (double bass), Karen Ng (alto saxophone)

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